Yerevan Yards Revival

Yerevan is distinguished by its unique color, earning it the nickname “pink city” due to its tufa stone. The purpose of this project is to breathe new life into the courtyards of Yerevan, which require practical solutions and standardization. By implementing these steps effectively, we can foster a sense of community and environmental stewardship, leading to more frequent organization of yard games and activities.

We can adopt European yard regulations, including smart zoning of areas, car-free spaces, and maintaining adequate distance. It is crucial to ensure well-maintained and safe entrances, comfortable wheelchair access on stairs, and vibrant courtyard illustrations to attract children for play.

Strategically placing trash cans in adjacent areas of the buildings will contribute to overall improvement, activating yard activities, children’s competitions, and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Yerevan’s yards serve as a communication platform, where both children and adults spend their leisure time. Incorporating chat rooms can further enhance this space as a platform for intergenerational bonding.