The architectural studio was founded in July 2013 as an outcome of a successful 5-year-long creative collaboration between its co-founders and leading architects, Artak Knyazyan and Arsen Davtyan. The Studio’s industrial capacity that stands behind the successful implementation of its projects is based upon the “Quadrat” company that was also founded by the same aforementioned architects.

Our organization’s major goal is to become an “incubator” for architectural development. It deliberately involves young architects in various architectural processes by adopting the following path: alternative education (Archangel School), followed by professional experience in the organization, and finally the main process. We gladly support all distinguished professionals who achieved brilliant results over the years and showed a desire to stand out by creating their individual entrepreneurial associations or organizations. Moreover, we help them strengthen their position in the professional market by spreading the manuscript and knowledge of the Archangel architectural organization and maintaining close partnership relations with them.
For that purpose, we have successfully established a great partnership with The National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia to implement various professional programs that attract brilliant students. Among the professional specialists or young organizations whom we collaborated with: Escape architectural studio, ST studio, AT, and KHH. We are committed to offering our expertise and experience and assisting everyone to confidently present themselves on professional platforms as we believe it is key to our profession’s development.

To play the role of a doctor in the organization of the environment, since the project does not always remain unchanged, it is exposed to the influence of time and environment, as a result of which many problems arise, which is an opportunity for the architect to make changes, giving new life and breath to the building.
To implement new projects, realizing that they are living organisms and will live with the environment from the first second of their existence, being subject to it.