Yerevan Mall

“Yerevan Mall” is located on Arshakunyats Avenue, which was once the site of an auto parts factory. The complex was built on the metal foundations of the former factory. During construction, an unexpected discovery occurred—an 8th-century Biaynik tomb. This fortuitous find led to the establishment of a museum that displays stylized and modernized elements of Urartian culture, including cuneiforms and other intricate details. These elements became the central theme in creating an inspiring image for the project.

  • Location:

    Arshakunyats 34. Yerevan, Armenia

  • Year:


  • Status:


  • Area:

    59.000 sq/m

  • Design team:

    Artak Knyazyan, Artak Tovmasyan, Vahe Khachatryan, Artur Harutyunyan, Arsen Grigoryan