Winery of Ijevan

The winery was designed as an addition to the existing one-story old building. A new volume was added to the old building, incorporating production, office, and kitchen areas. The tasting hall and wine storage hall were situated within the existing building. The difference in the building’s character allowed for free access from the street to a closed terrace and entrance junction, providing a beautiful view of the mountains.In selecting cladding materials, our focus was primarily on the combination of Ijevan white stone, glass and metal. Ijevan white stone was chosen to maintain and extend the architectural character of the existing building. The newly added volumes were designed to be light and unobtrusive, ensuring harmony between the old and new architectural elements.

  • Location:

    Ijevan, Armenia

  • Year:


  • Status:


  • Project team:

    Aram Atanyan, Artak Knyazyan

  • Visualizer:

    Aram Atanyan