“Pahest 33” Bar & Restaurant

Initially, the plan was to construct a storage space in the underground area of the adjacent building to store the furniture of the Santafe summer cafe during the winter season. Towards the end of construction, a newly formed plan set out to transform the space into a new entertainment club. “Pahest 33’ was born where the number 33 derives from the sum of the addresses of “Santafe” and “Pahest.” The concept adopted an industrial factory style, incorporating key elements of factories such as brick walls, concrete surfaces, metal stairs, and rustic joints.

  • Location:

    Moskovyan st. Yerevan, Armenia

  • Year:


  • Status:


  • Area:

    290 sq/m

  • Design team:

    Hayk Nikoyan, Artak Knyazyan, Khachatur Harutyunyan, Ruzan Shahinyan

  • Photographer:

    Suren Manvelyan