Myler Ski resort

“Myler” Mountain Ski Center in Aparan is located near the reservoir and Yeghipatrush village. This large-scale, multifunctional complex includes several zones: a hotel, restaurants, apartment buildings, sports, entertainment, and public areas. The architectural style is influenced by the Scandinavian style commonly found in European ski resorts, but it also incorporates Armenian architectural elements, giving the construction a unique Armenian tone. Depending on the functional significance of
the zones, the complex is divided into districts, each with its own flag, observation tower, and entrance hall.

  • Location:

    Yeghipatrush village, Aparan, Armenia

  • Year:


  • Status:


  • Area:


  • Design team:

    Tigran Sahakyan, Artak Knyazyan, Areg Apresyan, Areg Asrabyan, Mane Khachatryan, Aram Atanyan, Luiza Hovhannisyan, Anna Arakelyan, Nune Mirzoyan

  • Vizualizer:

    Davit Barseghyan, Aram Atanyan, Tigran Sahakyan, Hovhannes Muradyan