“Jivan” Russian-Armenian Restaurant

This restaurant is located at the heart of Yerevan, next to Republic Square. The main concept was to embody a combination of Armenian-Russian styles with a living room, decorations, motifs, and kitchen. This restaurant falls under the “Fine dining” category. In addition, the restaurant hosts events, discussions, buffets, concerts, etc. The interior design displays architectural forms specific to both cultures: gabled roofs, facades, furnishing style, decorative elements, thematic illustrations, etc. The branding of the “JIVAN” restaurant was designed jointly with Backbone Branding organization.

  • Location:

    Amiryan st. Yerevan, Armenia

  • Year:


  • Status:


  • Area:

    310 sq/m

  • Design team:

    Artak Knyazyan, Hayk Nikoyan, Khachatur Harutyunyan

  • Photographer: