“33rd District” Multifunctional Residential Building

“33rd District” is a large and complex state development project, which consists of several residential, public, and other structures. It is planned to be built in the center of Yerevan and is summarized in the middle of the Republic, Khanjyan, Tigran Mets, and Byuzand streets. As part of this development, Archangel has designed a residential complex on Republic Street, which consists of three buildings, with a maximum height of 12 floors. Notably, the complex includes a 19th-century building located at 46 Republic Street. To preserve the significance of the monument, the new building adjacent to it on Republic Street has a lower height and gradually rises as it extends deeper into the complex. The two buildings are partially separated by glass elements. A fine combination of wood, basalt, white composite, black tuff, glass, and metal was used as a decorative material for the design of the figure.

  • Location:

    Firdus 33. Yerevan, Armenia

  • Year:


  • Status:

    Under construction

  • Area:

    30,800 sq/m

  • Design team:

    Artak Knyazyan, Hayk Nikoyan, Tigran Sahakyan, Boris Sargsyan

  • Visualizer:

    Aram Atanyan