“Ucom” Chain – Service Center

UCOM is one of the leading communication networks in Armenia. The workload has increased after acquiring the “Orange Armenia” operator network, necessitating transformation, expansion, and development. In an attempt to facilitate this transformation and create a fresh style, a competition occurred where the concept presented by Archangel emerged as the winner. Taking inspiration from Apple’s corporate showrooms, which utilize environmentally friendly materials and often feature natural wood in its raw form, UCOM ensured the use of eco-friendly materials for its design. Natural wood, vegetation, UCOM’s brand color – green, and organic glass are among the used sustainable materials. Based on this concept, a design guideline was created for all UCOM branches, transforming the former branches of the Orange network, and designing new ones in different regions of Armenia.

  • Location:

    Davit Anhaght st. Yerevan, Armenia

  • Year:


  • Status:

    Under construction

  • Area:

    170 sq/m

  • Design team:

    Nune Sahakyan, Mane Meloyan, Nune Zakaryan, Kristine Manukyan

  • Visualizer

    Nune Sahakyan, Mane Meloyan, Nune Zakaryan, Kristine Manukyan