Traveling Camps

We are a part of nature, and it is crucial to listen to its voice and reconnect with it. The constant noise of the city often drives us to self-isolation, causing us to lose touch with the natural world. The goal of camping trips is to immerse ourselves in nature, both literally and figuratively.
As the name implies, the project involves prefabricated tents/shelters and all necessary camping infrastructure such as fire pits, a canteen, a pond, etc… The materials used for the planned shelters include tents, wood, plywood, and metal rods, on which the tents will be assembled. Minimal intervention has been made in the interior areas, as the focus is on preserving the natural environment, using eco-friendly materials.
Bathroom facilities are designed to be located around each accommodation, while the dining area is centralized to accommodate up to 25 people in the middle of the campsite.
Traveling camps offer an opportunity to explore the natural beauty of our country and foster the growth of hiking activities.