“Gloss Beauty Space” Beauty Salon

This two-story beauty salon stands out with its appearance, function, and interesting layout. The first floor is dedicated to care rooms, accompanied by a bar, relaxation areas, and entertainment points. On the second floor, the spa center offers a variety of services and features. The salon creates an engaging atmosphere by merging different styles. The inclusion of tropical plants, a blend of classic, modern, and lofty styles, contributes to a captivating environment that allows visitors to detach from their everyday concerns.

  • Location:

    V. Sargsyan str. Yerevan, Armenia

  • Year:


  • Status:


  • Area:

    560 sq/m

  • Design team:

    Artur Harutyunyan, Ruzan Shahinyan, Nune Sahakyan

  • Photographer:

    Hayk Nasoyan