Dzoraghbyur district

This district is planned to be implemented according to the principle of mixed development, rejecting linear and uniform environments. Such an approach creates an opportunity to have many diverse buildings and small courtyard green spaces between them. The neighborhood is designed with a combination of several buildings featuring typical, simple layout solutions, which creates an opportunity to have a diverse environment and simplicity of implementation. The use of natural materials alongside canonical, simple architecture emphasizes the integrity and identity of the neighborhood, creating an environment that is closely connected to nature. The main idea of the project was to create an environment that ensures a comfortable and safe daily life for residents, meeting the needs of individuals with different lifestyles. Public zones are planned within the district, including restaurants, cafes, and shops, alongside with chat rooms, playgrounds, and water features.

  • Location:

    Dilijan, Armenia

  • Year:


  • Status:


  • Project team:

    Armen Hakobjanyan, Mary Grigoryan, Elen Mhryan

  • Visualizer:

    Armen Hakobjanyan